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Welcome to The Ivanovich Group

The Ivanovich Group provides strategic research, consulting, communications, and training services to the buildings industry.


We excel at positioning our clients as thought leaders in their markets on emerging technologies and issues critical to their business.


With directed research, analysis, and communications expertise, we can help you and your company identify and capitalize on emerging policies, trends, and markets.


Our training knowledge and experience can help you and your staff develop talents and skills vital to career growth and achieving corporate goals.


It’s not just about us. With over 20 years in the buildings industry, we have cultivated an extensive network of subject-matter experts, production specialists, consulting colleagues, and media partners whom we regularly collaborate with on projects.


Our clients include engineering firms, marketing/communications firms, businessto- business publishing firms, manufacturers, comprehensive solutions providers, and not-for-profit organizations. They range from global leaders with billions of dollars in revenue to start-up companies getting their first products into the market.